Here is extra samples of my Designer acrylic nail art nails

Choose what you like and contact me to get yours done like it!

Here is some new samples i created.

custom nail art

custom styles nail art Done by Jacqueline Tasker

Elegant Blue silver and white custom nails for bridesmaids

blue white custom nails

Blue white and silver glitter acrylic nails done by Jacqueline Tasker

Doing Matt designer nails now too!

designer nail art

sample matt nail art. Done by Jacqueline Tasker

designer nail art samples

custom designer nail art samples. Created by Jacqueline Tasker

Marbling Techniques nail art i created with my own unique twist:

marbling effects acrylic nail art designs

customized marbling technique nail art samples. Done by Jacqueline Tasker

Here i have created different types of designer nails you can choose of:

designer nail art acrylic nail designs

custom designer nail art creation ideas done by Jacqueline Tasker

customized styles acrylic nail art designs

customized designer acrylic nail art designs